About 30 years ago we started collecting mainly acorns.
Now we are expanding into more and more species.
For this we have 8 hectares of land remediation for planting different tree and shrub species for seed harvesting.

Very important we find the nature of our plants. We also take into account the pollination of the different species.

Cultivation takes place on sandy soil. Because we have many kinds of plants, we can also get it easier and safer than in nature.
It is also the nature we have to work together, for good pollination you also need bees and other insects. We are increasingly using the use of pesticides.

Weeds are selectively contested or mechanical.
Particular attention is now paid to the price of seed, by sowing flower mixtures between the rows. We also have a cloakroom. Where there have been more than 20 years of breeding.

The oak species are collected under the control of the Nak horticulture on the selected insurgency.
All seeds are collected, shipped, packaged and shipped from our company in Boekel at the customer's request.
We can also make pure seeds from berries.
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Peter and Annegien van van den Elzen